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    Raise the dead? Any exceptions if your answer is yes? Why not if your answer is no?

    I'm going somewhere with this question but I'm curious first as to who commits to what answer...
    They're not terrorists. They're just people bitterly clinging to their guns and Qurans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
    Yeah 4, seperate accounts.
    2,000 years ago that was considered "proof."
    I'm sure you could find 4 people in North Korea who claim Kim Jung Un can walk on water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
    How many seperate accounts do we have that Julius Ceasar was stabbed?

    It would be intellectually consistent to
    believe both stories or doubt both both stories with equal vigor.
    No it wouldnt. Being stabbed is something that happens all the time, so the story is believable. Rising from the dead or performing miracles...not so much lol

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