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    Default Anyone have any idea how to prove/catch someone stealing?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing okay. I have a bit of an ongoing problem. Recently, I suspect that my Caramel Apple Diamond and Diamond Kiss Gloss were stolen. They were in my drawer until last Thursday, when the maids came, and now it's gone. I know I'm probably sounding like a spoiled brat, but this is the second time this has happened. The first time was with some Honey Rose lipsense about two winters ago, when it was still a discontinued color. The reason why I'm so upset is because these were really expensive items (the color was about $30- this was a special color; normally they are around $25- and the gloss was around $20.

    I've looked everywhere, around my vanity, in the drawers of my sink, in the drawer of my vanity, and it's gone. And I am extra careful about putting things back where they were, because I used to be forgetful before I established some systems. I want to ask, is there a trick that you have to catch someone stealing without installing a security camera? I want to catch this person before this gets too far. Any ideas? I understand that this might be a silly thread, but I'm drawing the line before any more of my cosmetics get stolen. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlameHeart View Post
    It's happened. I used to think the same thing, why on earth would anyone use used lipstick/lipgloss? That is just an invention to infections. But alas, it's gone. I'm thinking of putting a sign up on my door that reads, "Quit stealing my makeup; I have herpes" and leave it at that. But I could also get a nanny cam at the some of the posters' advice, which may be the only surefire way to tell if someone is stealing or not.
    "Quit stealing my makeup; I have herpes".

    That's a good one. A number of us have been tempted to write stuff like HIV+ on our lunch boxes. That's another thing I don't understand--food thefts. Do you know if that person has something half eaten in their lunch box? Or what ingredients they use if there's something you can't tolerate? Yet lunches get stolen.

    I think the video cam suggestion is a more rational one.

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    we have about 1000 cameras in my office. Guess what. nothing disappears.

    everything and everybody is on camera.

    Its just the way it is.

    I had to review security footage the other day, (boring)

    good lord we have a lot of cameras.


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