It seems the original spin the media gave us when the Porter scandal broke was orchestrated by Sarah Sanders and...ROB PORTER. Sanders arranged a meeting with herself, Rob Porter, and four reporters. Porter told his version of the story, and it does not appear that John Kelly was even aware they were meeting. That is why the stories have not been straightened out even to this day, and why Sanders needs to go.

The four reporters were NYT's Maggie Haberman, Jonathan Swan of Axios, WaPo's Josh Dawsey, and Michael Bender of the WSJ.

Sanders also said on Monday that the reason that Porter was still working on an interim security clearance was because he had not been approved by law enforcement and the intelligence community. However, it does not appear to work that way as the FBI simply investigates the person and provides their findings to the WH. The WH is supposed to have an office that would evaluate the findings and make a decision of clearances. So either Sanders lied (very possible) or she is simply uninformed (also very possible).

Meanwhile, it seems like Kelly is taking the sword in this debacle. I guess in this he is the good Marine. Time will tell if he survives the wound.

Sanders lies everyday. She has to. Her boss lies all the time as well, and she has to lie to cover for him. It's a disgusting display, but I get why she does it. That is not why she needs to go however. If she left, they'd simply replace her with someone else who would have to lie, and nothing would change there. But this meeting with the reporters and Porter as the first part of damage control was a very poor decision, and this scandal still lives on because of it.

She needs to go.