First house vote was today on The Don impeachment.

And what a rousing failure it was

Democratic Rep. Al Green, who has repeatedly called for the president's removal, introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump on Wednesday.

But lawmakers immediately voted to effectively kill his resolution, with 364 voting to table it and 58 Democrats voting to move ahead.
But it wasn't over alleged Russian collusion. Wasn't about where he get's his money. Wasn't about the indictments and guilty pleas that have come down the the investigation.

Instead, Green highlighted Trump’s supposed association with “White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism and Hate,” as well as “Inciting Hatred and Hostility,” as offenses worthy of impeachment.

“Friends, whether we like it or not, we now have a bigot in the White House who incites hatred and hostility,” Green wrote in a letter.
Keep the votes coming Dem's keep them coming. let them stack up for the mid terms

And the Congress critter apparently forced the vote over the wishes of the Dem house leadership.