It seems as if al franken gets a little touchy touchy with pictures. I hate him. i hate hes politics. i think hes a rabid liberal. but he should not resign. Not as long as conyers, moore, trump and any other politician accused of sexual misconduct resigns.

First i believe unless a criminal doing was done it should be up to the voters to decide if the candidate wants to stay. being immoral has never stopped a politician from running before so why start now? unless franken did something criminal. Why should he be forced to resign but moore win a senate seat? Why does trump get to stay? heck i think more women accused trump of sexual misconduct then they have al franken. so the president gets to stay? but someone below him has to go?

Franken should stay and tell liberals and consv to **** off. If the voters hate hes conduct so much they can vote him out of office. i would be pissed as hell if i had to resign for something the president of the united states gets to stay for.

BTW menedez from NJ did things ten times worse then franken and no one asked him to resign.