The Latrelle Lee case - what's going on?

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    Default The Latrelle Lee case - what's going on?

    It's been five days since Latrelle Lee punched his coach on the sideline - a TKO. (He's got a pretty good straight punch, for all that the coach wasn't looking at him when Lee attacked him.)

    And there's been no news on this at all.

    No interview with Lee saying what caused him to punch the coach, no interview with the coach saying whether or not he's going to sue Lee for assault..

    It's very strange as normally the reporters/gossip columnists are all over things like this.

    Anyone know what's going on with the case?
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    Lots of news stories on it. Its a minor player on a minor school getting punching an assistant coach and got about as many headlines as warranted. The minor school thing though is what really matters. If this had been Tennessee rather than Tennessee State then maybe its more attention, just look how much attention Grumoring is getting.

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