"The U.S. national debt reached $20 trillion for the first time ever last Friday after President Trump signed a bipartisan bill temporarily raising the nation's debt limit for three months.

While at Camp David, Trump, with the stroke of his presidential pen, increased the statutory debt last Friday by approximately $318 billion, according to the Treasury Department.

The $318 billion increase raised the U.S. national debt to $20.16 trillion by Friday. Since Trump's inauguration, the debt has increased about $215 billion from around $19.94 trillion."

Wasn't one of the Trump's campaign promises to decrease or wipe out the national debt? Or is the debt not important anymore?

Now, with increased military spending and decreased income tax on higher earners it's gonna be hard to do that. They'll have to massively increase taxes on you guys or pretty much stop other programs. Maybe all of them?