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    Lightbulb SOLVE North Korea MAKE a DEAL! Make a 99 year treaty & HELP THEM Mine their resources

    Seems easy to me.

    North Korea has reasons for their behavior. They're scared.
    Scared children who don't know how to behave. They're special.

    They sit between China to the North and USA, via South Korea, to the south. I'd be scared too.
    They just don't want to be invaded - lose power. MAKE A DEAL POTUS

    This should be easy. You can know they're motivations. All they want really is peace. I think in general we should ALL want peace. Here and everywhere.

    If our President is the deal make he appears to be, this could be his ultimate deal. He could save the world. Would look good on the resume'. Like, eh, cured cancer.

    I really believe a DEAL could solve it all.
    Any Thinkers ? Agree or Disagree ?
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