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    Default Which is better - Star Wars or Star Trek?

    So, which is it and why? The gritty, simplified good vs. evil coupled with a story of rebellions against a tyrannical order, or the nuanced, future of humanity story telling of essentially government bureaucrats in service of a one world government surveying the cosmos for the greater good of humankind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldWatcher View Post
    Not really in the fall "line up" after a teaser episode on regular broadcast, you will need to purchase CBS All Access (monthly subscription required) to be able to watch the episodes.

    It won't be broadcasting over the regular network.

    Oh crap, I missed that. I have been seeing the ads on CBS broadcast TV and just assumed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samm View Post
    Oh crap, I missed that. I have been seeing the ads on CBS broadcast TV and just assumed.

    I think it will photon torpedo the show. The talk is of a 15 (maybe 13?) episode season one. If they want it to survive I predict they will have to take it to the broadcast market before they reach the 1/2 way point of the first run of episodes.

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    I enjoy them both but I always thought Star Wars movies were a lot better than the Star Trek ones. Although I must admit I am enjoying the new Star Trek movies.

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    Ah, the old question of Star Trek vs Star Wars.

    So a question about what you are including ... namely are you including The a Clone Wars and Rebels?

    In terms of time and story development these now represent the majority of Star Wars.

    They tend to be well written, with solid character development, and few plot holes.

    If you count only the movies then I would have to say Star Trek comes out on top. With the TV series that may not be the case.

    What's that? There were bad Trek episodes?

    Well, I guess the "Which is worse: Spock's Brain or the Star Wars Holiday Special?" is for another thread.

    SWHS did at least introduce Bobo Fett.
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    I like the new Star Trek movie chain over the Shatner/Nimoy ones.
    Star Wars is hit and miss at times but i like the newer ones over the original trilogy.

    Guess i'm just a sucker for state of the art CGI regarding both franchises.

    Star Trek tv show RULZ tho!

    Being a preteen in the 60s and tuning in every week was a religion to me.

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