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    Hi all,

    From Canada. Started watching Hannity relatively recently, really during the election when I became engrossed in the outcome and I really appreciated his straightforward, no b.s approach. He has an opinion and isn't shy about sharing it without reservation. Agree with him or not, you can at least respect his transparency and I try to follow his show every night (as we have limited and controlled media in Canada, rated one of the least free and diverse in the world by the way). The recent election was the first time I really followed politics closely and I continue to do so with focus.

    My story is different than many as I am Canadian, but also a whistleblower against Canadian abuses of NAFTA. This has caused a great deal of grief for my wife and I, but, unlike in the U.S who have mechanisms of accountability and grievance processes, Canada lacks these so I reached out to U.S authorities to make them aware. These abuses of NAFTA and free market principles is particularly true when it comes to American businesses on Canadian soil, as you will learn more about as I post. The renegotiation of NAFTA is vital, and in many respects, will determine Trumps successes going forward.

    Anyways I will keep it short for now. Thanks for allowing me on the forum. Hannity like many of his guests is a refreshing change from the usual political spin media. He doesn't back down from honest debate and is an American Patriot. We need a few like him in Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordelier View Post
    *LOL* Ooohh... Opinionated and self-righteous.... My favorite wild game. This should be fun.

    Welcome to forum... Hope you stick around!
    Not self righteous, just a little too well informed on the subject.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome to the forum! Hi

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