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    Default The President and the Pope

    What result would you like to see from the meeting between President Trump and Pope Francis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex McAlpine View Post
    So it took 7 years?

    Why do you refuse to say what job sector it is? Why the mystery?

    And what policy of the president caused this?b Why won't you answer a simple question? Which one od his executive orders canceling Obama's executive order got you a good paying job?

    Not one of the conservative ones that treat women like ****, I hope.
    That's what I said.

    Its a small community. Which sector is not relevant to my point.

    I never linked my statement to any policy or decision. But I am seeing growth in industry. Maybe she to the natural cycle. Maybe due to something else.

    Name one that doesn't. But being as most of us we're infidels, they didn't discriminate. They treated all of us like ****.

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