Read an interesting crime stat from New York City. Just wondering why, and what the solutions may be?

With regard to race, which is often discussed by the media by the way...( and politicians as well..)
...Blacks make up 23% of the population, but account for 75% of shootings and 70% of robberies.
...Whites make up 34% of the population but account for just 2% of shootings and 4% of robberies.

...So the question is why does such a small percent of the population, blacks, commit such a high percentage of robberies and shootings?
...What are the underlying causes of this?
...What may be the solutions to those causes?

This is likely doesn't just pertain to New York, but likely other cities such as Chicago, Memphis, Birmingham. Baltimore, D.C. etc...
....Will the media touch this issue or politicize it, or cover it up? Just think if shootings and robberies were at 2 and 4% for ALL races...What would cities look like then?

Again, what are some real steps that could put a dent in this problem?