The miniseries "When We Rise" (centralized on two gay men and other LGBTQ issues) featured on ABC which received abundant advertising during the Oscars has apparently flopped - it tanked from the first episode: From Deadline: "It was a noble effort, but viewers largely shunned it, with the opening two hours averaging a paltry 0.7 in 18-49 and 3 million viewers coming off the strong Bachelor lead-in." “When We Rise was the lowest-rated program on the Big 4 [CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX] and second lowest-rated overall last night, matching the CW’s Supergirl (0.7, even with last week). The CW’s Jane The Virgin (0.3) was off by a tenth

From Lifesitenews: "The homosexual magazine [The Advocate] was reduced to urging its readers to start watching When We Rise, as well as Oscar Best Picture-winning movie, Moonlight, which features a young “gay” black man “coming out” and a homosexual relationship. As Forbes reported, Moonlight “is among the lowest-grossing Oscar Best Picture winners ever.”

My comment on this is: I believe, that because God lives in all of us, God, graciously gives mankind a certain level of a sense of discernment - whether we are religious or non- religious. (Whether we accept this discernment or not, is up to us).

I believe that most humans can sense (even without religious teaching) that homosexuality is "not normal". It absolutely goes against nature - a nature that is visible to most. It goes against life itself in that it produces no offspring on its own. One normally senses "something is off here" - something "isn't right about this".

Final comment on this: "the propaganda doesn't seem to be working".