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    Default Request to join the Independent Group

    If you are an Independent and would like to discuss issues with other like-minded Independents, this is the place for you!

    If you would like to join the Independent Group, please post your request here. You must have a minimum of 100 posts prior to joining a Group and are only allowed membership to one group.

    We realize that political ideologies can change in one's life, so you may change to a different group at any time, but you are only allowed to do this once, so choose wisely.

    Prior to joining a Group, please take the time to read over the rules and description of the Groups.

    All TOS rules apply to the Group, with an extra special emphasis on discussion of Honored Guests not members of this Group. Absolutely NO flaming, attacking, ridiculing or discussion of any kind of Guests not members to your Group.

    Your Group Moderators are Dreamy and WorldWatcher. These Moderators are members of this Group, the same as you, but have the ability to moderate posts and threads, as needed, and will also step in to steer conversation that might be veering down the wrong path. When you see them post in a red font, be mindful as they are posting in an official capacity.

    All Infractions, Bannings, Time Outs and User account information will still be handled by Board Moderators: sircharliebrown, Dr. Funkenstein, BasicGreatGuy, Talk2Bill, snow96.
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    Argument is to determine who is right.
    Discussion is to determine what is right.

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    Requesting permission.

    Joined - Dr. Funkenstein
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    You're messin' with the wrong wolf, baby/Darkness gonna break your light - ​Dorothy, "Missile"

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