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    Default The Rules of the Soap Box Forum

    Welcome to "The Soap Box" and "Lincoln - Douglas Hall" Forums.

    As the description noted, this forum is for members who want a more formal setting of debate, or want to brush up on their debate skills, without having to worry about cursing, insults, personal attacks, troll posts, or off-topic posting.

    The forum will be monitored by the staff. Any member found to be in violation of "The Great American Guide II" or in violation of insulting, cursing, trolling, attacking another forum member, or creating off-topic posts will be subject to having his or her post(s) removed, as well as facing possible moderator action. Any person(s) found to be habitual violators will have their access to the forum removed.

    Anyone is welcome to create a debate thread. As previously stated, all posts and threads will be monitored by the staff and must comply with the terms of service.
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