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    Default Left Savage years ago

    Stopped listening to Savage years ago and have been a Mark Levin fan from the beginning. I love all of his books. I learn from reading and listening to Mark Levin. The rest a just shoveling excrement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHawk View Post
    I use to like listening to Savage but I think he has "lost touch"...he is sort of out of it now.

    Mark Levin is the best...really, you can never get such a clear concise defintion of "truth" and "absolute conservatism" than from Levin. It is not just clear but "consistent".
    As much as I respect Michael Savage, I think you are correct, too much time off, to many hours repeated. He's still got some great analysis and I can not begrudge him for taking time off as he has advanced in age and indeed has other interests, I mean my hat is off to him but it's like a part time job with him.

    I don't even know if that book, novel he said he was writing ever even came out showing I'm out of the loop myself as well.

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    We don't listen to choose or rank but all are important.

    Savage says what we all are too afraid to say out loud but is still the truth.

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    Weiner Nation is a pathetic egomaniac. The Great One on the other hand is actually interested in educating the listeners.

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    I really like Dennis Miller as a person and when he has to state his political opinions especially when he teams up with Bill O'Reilly, I think Dennis is a weekly guest but I really don't appreciate his show that much and I gave it plenty of chances as it is on here at nighttime, I think they bumped Mark's show until after DM's. I wish Mark's show still came on in the early evening. Really like Hugh Hewitt's show and it's usually all politic but is not say, overly critical of some politicians in that regard.

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    Thumbs up True American with true values!

    Respectfully and happily I enjoy Mark "The Great One", what he has accomplished, the books he has written (Although I can't afford them, I have heard great things!), the message he offers and his analysis of events. His views have never left me wondering whether they are true or not because they are easily seen and heard in daily news and the truth stands out. Sean introduced me to him and ever since he has been a favorite. He is honest and forthright. I believe his opinions are grounded in faith and truth. He is strong in his word and soft spoken at the same time. I would really miss him if ever the time came. I love the way he sticks to the point... "Get off the phone you big Dummy/Dope..." Thank you Mark! You need a friend, I am here for you. --Willis--

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    I was just going to Make this thread. I'm glad Levin Or anyone really, finally decided to take Savage on. He's been trashing them for years...

    Its actually kind of sad, because they are nearly identical on most issues. Savage should have stopped bashing Hosts a long time ago. Not sure what he's trying to prove.

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