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I never understood why Savage goes on about his deal in Britain. Why do I care how he was treated in some other country? He talks about himself too much, if he would stop that I would like him better.
Levin is a brilliant constitutionalist, he's great!
I like much of what Savage has to say, but you're right, I get tired of listening to his whining about how the Brits have treated him--no one cares, Michael! It's over, so move on. Someone else in this thread said Savage is rude to his callers. Hello! Have you listened to Mark lately? He's rude at times even to callers who agree with him! But he is brilliant when it comes to his understanding of the law and the Constitution. I listen to them both, but if I had a gun put to my head and had to choose just one, I'd have to go with The Great One.