How Do I report misuse/abuse of the board?

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The Ten Rules of the Troll Posse

1. Collection and presentation of evidence: Do not send the Moderator on a field trip. Bring everything you've got to the mod forum to make your case. State your case concisely and precisely.

2. Links are good. Links and quotes are better. If there's a questionable picture, post the link to the pic, but not the pic. Otherwise the Mod will have to edit your post to take it out. Don't make Mod work harder. You wouldn't like Mod when he works harder.

3. Do not threaten banning. That's a "my-dad-can-beat-your-dad" threat and you have no control over the moderator's actions. To paraphrase FOX NEWS, "You Report, He Decides".

4. Check the moderator forum for prior complaints. If he's really a troll, then he's likely ticked off someone else and you can file an amicus (friend of the court) brief bringing more evidence to the table.

5. If there's a possibility that constructive criticism can defuse the situation, then do it. Set yourself up as the white hat because if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem.

6. Make certain that there's not a board in your own eye while reporting the speck in anothers. Throwing stones in a glass house is a pretty bad idea and if you're reporting a flamewar while you're holding the torch yourself then that's not going to go over very well.

7. Few things are insta-bans. These include (but are not limited to) bypassing the language filters, personal threats, obscene/pornographic pictures, anti-semitism, multiple usernames, contempt for ABC Radio Network Hosts (Sean Hannity) or Affiliates and racial slurs. If you see this, report it but do not threaten a ban. Threats aren't useful and they're not going to change the outcome.

8. Don't whine. For pity's sake, half of the people in every argument loses the argument. The odds are that you'll lose sometimes. If you make the case and the charges don't stick, that's fine. Half the people banned come back and do better the second time anyway.

9. Never let them see you sweat. Angry people make poor posts, so don't post angry. The steady pace wins the race. If you're seeing red then get your hands off of the keyboard until you've collected yourself. These forums do politics. Passions run high, but common sense will prevail.

10. Don't make a soap opera out of it. If you want drama queens or a fat lady singing then you need something else because there are no happy endings in politics. If you're looking for a happy ending in this neverending story then good luck! Check with Diogenes and see if he'll lend you his lantern from his search for one honest man.

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