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Google You a Slow Cooker

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Cabbage and Kielbasa this time around. Was well received. Food coma inducing.

Made double (two cabbages, 2.65 lbs sausage) ... a huge amount of food but I was committed before I really realized how much I was making.

Mixed brown mustard and chicken broth before pouring. Added a bit of garlic.

Cooked 5 hours on low, not 8 as directed, so cabbage wouldn't be mushy (it wasn't). One of the reviewers said he did his 3.5 hour, IIRC.

Was cautious and increased broth by a half cup.

Instead, I'm guessing for double I could have reduced the amount of chicken broth because there was a lot of liquid, practically a stew. Much more than an extra half cup.

Next time I'll mix the salt, pepper and garlic with the broth and brown mustard, slice the cabbage into thinner wedges, reduce time a bit ... and make just one cabbage!

Still, another I would recommend. Very simple.

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