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  1. Breaking: Mueller releases first sealed indictments

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    U 1 has been investigated. It's been brought to the fore by RW media to distract from the current investigation into trump.

    It has been made an issue now so that when trumpers are convicted the RW media based can be whipped into a frenzy over the fact that hillary wasn't hauled away in chains - despite the fact that U1 has already been looked at. It's a 7 year old event brought back to life to make people mad that the GOP acted illegally during this last election.

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  2. NFL: No plans to force players to stand during anthem

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    I honestly don't think that some people realize how enormous NFL ratings have been. They're crazy. They were pulling back a little even before Trump lit this fire. Even college football is having issues with attendance. Plus, people are straining so much stuff those people aren't even countes anymore.

    So, the NFL could actually afford to lose some viewers and still be number one. And I still think they're going to take this negative situation that Trump created and turn it into a positive
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