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  1. WaPo: Trump has made over 1500 misleading or false claims ... (sounds kind of low)

    [QUOTE=peek-a-boo;105866358]A couple of interesting points here.

    Based on the Trump bashing threads in this forum I would have thought the number would be in the trillion gazillion range. So I guess I'm kind of seeing that there are only 1500 as good news.

    Second, I wonder why the WAPO didn't see fit to do the same with Obama. Could that have something to do with the WAPO being a liberal mouthpiece?

    [url][/url] ...
  2. As Washington Turns: the soap opera and liberal melt down of the century.

    Anonymous sources have revealed to the NY Slimes that tRump pulled a girls hair on the playground when he was five years old proving he was a serial anti feminist. Pink hatters Rosebud Odimmer and Madrona jumped on this bandwagon and indicated they entertained the notions of farting in the whitehouse elevator, if ever allowed in.

    In other news the fake news media organization FNN, former orcastraw leader of the FBI, Jimbo Comley said that tRump was really to blame for him releasing ...
  3. 51 senators vote to consider 29 TRILLION dollar debt limit

  4. Think local changes nationally

    Quote Originally Posted by jasons8166 View Post
    Why do I always bring up State governments? Because if you look at all the laws within the last 40 yrs they have all started out at state/local levels and where eventually adopted by the federal government. From auto insurance and seatbelt laws, to gun control and drug/alcohol laws.
    The economy is effect more by micro then macro. Since macroeconomics is made up of microeconomics, State and local regulations and enforcement have a greater effect on the economy then the feds.

  5. Trump defends scam with a scam

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