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  1. Cruz Introduces Bill to Eliminate Healthcare Exemption For Members of Congress

    Quote Originally Posted by wonderingrover View Post
    An excellent idea. Congress should be subject to the same health insurance legislation they are legislating for everyone else.

    Now to see if this actually goes anywhere.
    So if they don't receive healthcare through their place of employment they should have to go to their state exchanges and choose a provider there? Ok.
  2. Face to face, not face to phone. Cell phones will increase our destructive hive livin

    Face to face, not face to phone. Cell phones will increase our destructive hive living natures.

    Cell phones are killing our social skills. The cell phone is one of the rudest pieces of technology ever developed in our modern times. To see a family of four sitting at a dinner table and all four members are texting and avoiding the bonding that should be taking place, instead of the silence that occurs; is one of society’s greatest failures. Friends are out for a night on the town ...
  3. The Escalator is Broken

    Quote Originally Posted by Plasmaball View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jezcoe View Post
    And you just touched on another problem with the system. A person working full time needing government assistance. We have allowed corporations to shift labor costs over to the public by allowing them to not pay a living wage.

    Heck, sometimes they even get a tax break to move into the area.

    It's a great deal if you can get it.
    Yes but trump want insight into being poor just ask
  4. As Washington Turns: the soap opera and liberal melt down of the century.

    Anonymous sources have revealed to the NY Slimes that tRump pulled a girls hair on the playground when he was five years old proving he was a serial anti feminist. Pink hatters Rosebud Odimmer and Madrona jumped on this bandwagon and indicated they entertained the notions of farting in the whitehouse elevator, if ever allowed in.

    In other news the fake news media organization FNN, former orcastraw leader of the FBI, Jimbo Comley said that tRump was really to blame for him releasing ...
  5. Tax-getter vs tax-payer and Madison’s meaning of faction

    Quote Originally Posted by MaDef View Post
    Tie it all together for me, I'm not seeing what the NEA has to do with creating or limiting factions? What exactly are you guys smoking in that part of the country?
    To answer your question read Federalist Ten with an open mind and absorb the message being conveyed, and then apply it to today’s circumstances.

    Madison's theme was in fact “factions” and the danger they present. Madison writes:

    ”By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting ...
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