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  1. Dummies Tweet At Wrong Hamilton

    Quote Originally Posted by DRS View Post
    So the ever sensitive in need of safe space Trump and Pence worshippers have been tweeting at a theatre in Hamilton Ontario over what happened at the play Hamilton.
    Wasn't me. So stay away from my fire hydrant. Woof woof. There are "stupid is as stupid does" on both sides of the fence. Hamilton Theater is easy to ...
  2. Just who the HECK does HRC think she is"

    Quote Originally Posted by daylightdon View Post
    In my opinion as a 75 year old citizen of these United States of America and a Veteran, HRC does not have the right to question the FBI as to what they are doing or why.
    Were HRC an ordinary person she would be in jail as I type this.
    Political opponents don't have the 'right' to question their government?

    You must be a Trump supporter

    Welcome to the forum
  3. Partisanship on the forum--please participate in this.

    Quote Originally Posted by biggestal99 View Post
    I am slowly evolving to the idea that hyper-partisanship (on both sides) makes you dumber and less principled so I resolve to be less partisan and admit. so with that said.

    1. Donald Trump has some good ideas,

    2. Hillary Clinton has severe flaws and there is a reason she is so unpopular with people.

    so I challenge the entire forum to:

    1. say some good about the other candidate other than the one you supoort (Trump and Clinton only please)
  4. Clinton Campaign & DNC Incite Violence At Trump Rallies

    Quote Originally Posted by Midwesterner View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by stodr View Post
    I have seen one. I have seen way more violence against Trump supporters, the latest being the fire bombing in NC.
    You need to watch more than just Fox News then. There are many incidences that are all encouraged by Cheeto Jesus. He even offered to pay the legal fees for folks that roughed up protesters including the old red neck that sucker punched the Black as he was being escorted out. The old geezer was so proud that he even boasted after the event that "next time, we might kill him."
  5. The Official 2016 Second POTUS Debate Thread

    [QUOTE=pnafin;105144130]Drudge Report has a poll that says he won by 90%![/QUOTE]

    Did he move "on her like a bitch" and grab her "by the *****?"

    He is such a classy piece of ****.
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