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  1. The Wall

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    Well, that certainly took a turn at the end there, didn't it?
  2. First Woman To Medal In Six Straight Olympics!

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    Maybe it wasn't broadcast because nobody cares about that stupid "sport". Who else hates the free market?
    Yeah cuz everyone is gathered around to tv to watch synchronized swimming and water polo. Next up trampoline bouncing.
  3. Gays or Isalm. Make your choice libs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by altair1013 View Post
    I disagree. I think we can have both. But I'm having trouble with the dems supporting. Religion that is anti gay while claiming themselves to be pro gay. See the dilemma?
    I don't support the religion
    I support people right to practice it.

    If you think God doesn't want people to have gay relationship more power to you, but I don't really care about Muslim or Christian religious opinion on the matter.

    equal rights = bake me a cake
  4. CNN: Trump suggests people assassinate Hillary

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    I don't think he is stepping in doo doo by promoting people to come together and support their constitutional rights though.

    Just because it is over a right that involves the things that Democrat loving Black Lives Matter promotes the use of to continue their war on the po-po, doesn't mean Trump is actually - actually suggesting we might have to resort to assassination.

    I mean a few, maybe a handful of deranged screwballs and a couple uber-political nutcases will say that,
  5. Trump ally calls for "conversation" on deporting all Muslims from the country

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    Quote Originally Posted by call me ishmael View Post
    unamerican? and you whine about nationalism?
    When have you EVER heard me blast America? Its a great country (always has been always will be) warts and all.

    Hell if American won the world cup, i'd run though Dover with my American flag.

    I was born an american, and I will die an american.

    Hell if I was really needed (medic or cleric spot), I'd join the armed forces my age(59), no qualms (no good at shooting, sorry).

    Father was a navy
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