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  1. WaPo: Trump has made over 1500 misleading or false claims ... (sounds kind of low)

    [QUOTE=peek-a-boo;105866358]A couple of interesting points here.

    Based on the Trump bashing threads in this forum I would have thought the number would be in the trillion gazillion range. So I guess I'm kind of seeing that there are only 1500 as good news.

    Second, I wonder why the WAPO didn't see fit to do the same with Obama. Could that have something to do with the WAPO being a liberal mouthpiece?

    [url][/url] ...
  2. Hillary's campaign ending???

    Breaking news! Alert! Alert![/B] You read it here first ... Hillary's campaign will end Dec. 30. Someone tell cable news. [B]Alert! Alert! [/B]

    From the thread: Trump is the only candidate who can beat Hillary


    [QUOTE=nunyadb;104593564][QUOTE=madasheck;104593558]And that's going to continue after the 2016 election when Hillary wins.[/QUOTE]

    Hillary just killed her own campaign and no one is smart enough to see it.
    Especially ...