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  1. Differences between Liberals and Conservatives

    [QUOTE=SixFoot;103707328][QUOTE=madasheck;103707004]I love how conservatives think they know why everybody else is screwed up but they can't seem to figure out why their party is tearing apart at the seams.[/QUOTE]

    Lets be fair here, democrats tore each other apart at the seems too when they had no majority. They reorganized themselves, silencing democrats who voted for the Iraq war, or were against gay marriage, or who ever else would have otherwise been against the emotional hyperbole ...
  2. Senate will not vote on House health care bill

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    How do you figure that? The typical middle class American pays 10-12% of gross income. Are you trying to tell us that Europeans pay 1/2 to 1/3 of that? BS!
    That is correct. We pay close to twice what other countries pay
    More interestingly, while the U.S. has the highest overall spending and the lowest percentage of the population covered by government programs (nearly every