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  1. Did the FBI Collude with the DNC and Russia to Spy on the Trump Campaign?

    [QUOTE=Airyaman;105894344][QUOTE=smyrna;105894342]How did the DNC do it?[/QUOTE]


    Was the DNC hacked? How did it happen? They weren't even in hostile territory? Hacking an unprotected device isn't all that hard if someone knows what they're doing. I mean ****......Hillary is so stupid, she didn't even know she was breaking the law. Someone that ****ing stupid wouldn't have been smart enough to protect their devices, holding highly sensitive, classified ...
  2. Swing and a miss for project veritas

    Quote Originally Posted by itsjoanne View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mobiusptc View Post
    Just like the Breitbart idiots, this stunt actually proves how well the WaPo journalist do their research before posting the Moore articles
    Which is why it backfired spectacularly. This actually gives even more credibility to Moore's real accusers.
    All well and good, except Moore's staunchest supporters will never see it that way.
  3. WaPo: Trump has made over 1500 misleading or false claims ... (sounds kind of low)

    [QUOTE=peek-a-boo;105866358]A couple of interesting points here.

    Based on the Trump bashing threads in this forum I would have thought the number would be in the trillion gazillion range. So I guess I'm kind of seeing that there are only 1500 as good news.

    Second, I wonder why the WAPO didn't see fit to do the same with Obama. Could that have something to do with the WAPO being a liberal mouthpiece?

    [url][/url] ...
  4. Paul Ryan lies on FoxNews and no one calls him out!

    Paul Ryan was on FoxNews this morning [the 8AM hour] and once again he has lied about his tax reform plan, saying that under his plan and its simplification, the American People would be able file their tax returns on a post card. The truth is, the American people will still have to determine what is and is not “taxable income” under his plan, and this is the gimmick used by Congress to grant preferences and exclusions, and select winners and losers. And for one to determine what their “taxable ...
  5. Roy Moore (allegedly) diddled some teenage girls.

    Quote Originally Posted by jezcoe View Post
    The good people of Alabama brought this on themselves by choosing in the primary a man who is a Constitution hating theocrat over an "Establishment" Republican.

    Don't blame the Democrats for this one. They didn't vote for Moore.
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