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  1. The Left accomplishes the Marxist dream... (Caption this)

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    Still trying to justify being an absolute ********* on the Internet. Noted. There is a huge difference between those who are suffering the tragedy facing it with humor and those who revel in schadenfreude from afar.
    Schadenfreude Schadenfreude
    Every evening you deplore me
    Sharp and fleet
    Precise and neat
    You seem so happy to gore me
    Hatred though
    Destroys the soul
    It will grow forever
    Schadenfreude Schadenfreude
    A self defeating
  2. Fringe conservatism and threats of violence

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    If threats of violence from a conservative frighten you, just remember one thing, at least they were considerate enough to warn you.

    The Tyranny Song

    Wingnuts boasting as they conspire
    Reacting to a crisis they presuppose
    Quoting founders, and lots of gunfire
    Wearing tri-cornered hats and archaic clothes

    Everybody knows some hyperbole and Jeffersonian prose
    Will make the reason seem all right
  3. thread for conservatives to condem W. Bush's vacations.

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    This is a senseless it not. No one is complaining about HOW MANY DAYS, but HOW MUCH IT COSTS. Or this to somehow deflect Obama criticism with a sleight of hand debate?
    Moochele singing "Sixteen Vacations"

    Some people say man was made to goof off
    Barry was made to play to play a mean round of golf
    Goof off and golf and skin and bones
    A mind that's weak and more Chinese loans

    You take sixteen vacations and
  4. Political War = Spiritual War

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    In the 50's and 60's when I was young you could vote Republican or Democrat with the main difference being how finances are handled. Today's liberals are anti-God and anti-country. I am convinced that you cannot vote or serve as a liberal and be a true Christian. Think about what liberals have done to this country over the decades:

    • 55,000,000+ babies have been murdered through abortion.
    • The homosexual agenda (and they DO have an agenda) has been promoted and pushed down our
  5. Congratulations Progressives/socialists!

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    Re, yes, we know, it's just a happy accident that young people are so much more liberal then their parents, schools and the media had nothing to do with it, uh huh.
    Yes, yes, we know, it's just a happy accident that rich people tend to be conservatives and republicans. The fact that those 'political movements' promote policy that fovors the wealthy has nothing to do with it. It's all about 'small government' for them....
    Yes, obviously republicans win elections with ...