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  1. It's Not Only Collusion They're Investigating...

    Quote Originally Posted by CaughtInTheMiddle View Post
    i don't know about all that but i've said for awhile that this investigation is going to go in a zillion different directions and that the people being investigated (like Trump) better pray that they're squeaky clean.
    this is the problem with you guys, you weren't interested in an investigation, you want to investifate 'a zillion' things in hopes of finding something, anything. You don't care about truth, just bring Trump down.
  2. Leaders Appear to Snicker as Trump Calls on NATO Allies to Pay Their 'Fair Share'

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackWolf View Post
    "Emmanuel, my friend...shall we tell him we are out of ze chocolate cake?"
    or coke or ice cream and there isn't a McDonald's nearby.

  3. Senate will not vote on House health care bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samm View Post
    How do you figure that? The typical middle class American pays 10-12% of gross income. Are you trying to tell us that Europeans pay 1/2 to 1/3 of that? BS!
    That is correct. We pay close to twice what other countries pay
    More interestingly, while the U.S. has the highest overall spending and the lowest percentage of the population covered by government programs (nearly every
  4. Federal funding of the arts violates First Amendment protections!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkh View Post
    The national endowment for the arts is a great thing and it's budget is such a blip I don't understand why righties pick that sort of hill to stand on.


    To answer your question, the irrefutable fact is, Congress is not authorized under the Constitution to tax for and spend federal revenue to promote the production of art.

    Aside from the fact that federal funding of the arts is a misappropriation of federal revenue,
  5. Riotous Behavior on College Campuses

    Quote Originally Posted by The Duck View Post
    The NRA are in Atlanta this week by the thousands. Boortz said "how much do you want to bet that Atlanta is the safest in a long time"?
    Start putting the NRA meetings near these snowflake campuses, I say.
    Did Kneel mention why it would be so safe there? Guns are banned at the NRA meeting.
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