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  1. Tax-getter vs tax-payer and Madison’s meaning of faction

    Quote Originally Posted by MaDef View Post
    Tie it all together for me, I'm not seeing what the NEA has to do with creating or limiting factions? What exactly are you guys smoking in that part of the country?
    To answer your question read Federalist Ten with an open mind and absorb the message being conveyed, and then apply it to today’s circumstances.

    Madison's theme was in fact “factions” and the danger they present. Madison writes:

    ”By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting ...
  2. What is so great about conservatism?

    Quote Originally Posted by CaughtInTheMiddle View Post
    Which conservatism? There are about 10 kinds. The kind I see most here is Christian conservatism.
    Spot on, the word has many forms of it whether fiscal, social, Christian. To me it's as empty as saying your "Progressive". I always ask progesssing toward what?

    To me conservative is the passing down and trying to keep intact most of the government, customs, culture, and traditions that we were given from our ancestors. I am sure to many it has a different meaning. ...
  3. Cry Baby reporters

    Quote Originally Posted by Guilds View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Conan View Post
    As I said in another thread earlier today.

    CNN use to do objective journalism.....until Clinton became president. They basically thrown that out the window until Newt won congress. Then they did objective journalism again.

    As for Clinton would have been sweep under the rug if it wasn't for New cable company call FOX.

    But again I resented that coverage....and Kenneth Starr was embarrassment to our country....maybe more so then Bill Clinton..
  4. It's Not Only Collusion They're Investigating...

    Quote Originally Posted by CaughtInTheMiddle View Post
    i don't know about all that but i've said for awhile that this investigation is going to go in a zillion different directions and that the people being investigated (like Trump) better pray that they're squeaky clean.
    this is the problem with you guys, you weren't interested in an investigation, you want to investifate 'a zillion' things in hopes of finding something, anything. You don't care about truth, just bring Trump down.
  5. Leaders Appear to Snicker as Trump Calls on NATO Allies to Pay Their 'Fair Share'

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackWolf View Post
    "Emmanuel, my friend...shall we tell him we are out of ze chocolate cake?"
    or coke or ice cream and there isn't a McDonald's nearby.

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