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  1. Trump lies?

    He's going to be the President.
  2. Who will actually be president? Trump or Pence?

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    I'm not sure there is another living human that has an ego as large as Trump's.
    Oh yeah. Mark Cuban by a long shot.

    Maybe it comes from being a Billionaire, or does it help one become a billionaire? Chicken or egg.
    That's right. He thinks he's better than Trump, so I'd say his is as big, if not bigger. His is big enough, to think he would make a better president, and that he can take Trump down. That's a damn big ego. If you think you can lead a country, ...
  3. Most people get rich or gain wealth

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    I'm thinking. Japan is too Japanese. China is too Chinese. These countries aren't "diverse" enough. They obviously require massive waves of non-Asian immigration so they can enjoy the resounding success of multiculturalism we have in the West. Diversity is strength!!!!
    That's right... and if the Korean family down the street wants to eat my dog or the Indian family that lives next door to them wants to trash my barbecue because I am cooking ribs, they should be able to do
  4. Trump: Iranian boats that make improper ‘gestures’ will be ‘shot out of the water’

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    Meanwhile...pallets of cash from Obama are no deterrent, or cause for the Iranians to NOT buzz our ships?

    Gruber was right...too bad
    Changing the subject does not make Trump appear to be sane. He clearly isn't.
    No. It's about boats, and Iran...and ultimately pallets of cash. News of the day, if you can gather.

    History will show that Obama was the most anti~Constitutional, anti~ American president...ever.

  5. I think it's time for Trump's taxes to be leaked

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    I want to know about his taxes and i think America has a right to know. It certainly does appear as if he is hiding something. He could squash that
    Yes he could.

    If there is nothing to hide, nothing to be exposed, nothing questionable, he could do it easily.
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