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  1. The Disabled Seamen Act, fact vs fairytale

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    Originally Posted by JayJay
    The federal government did it to those who wanted to be merchant marines in the 1790s...when the ink wasn't even dry on the Constitution that many of the folks in that government had a hand in writing

    I addressed this Act a long time ago and it has nothing to do with nationalizing health insurance and/or health-care.

    Rick Ungar’s big lie: Founders mandated health insurance
  2. Google You a Slow Cooker

    Cabbage and Kielbasa this time around. Was well received. Food coma inducing.

    Made double (two cabbages, 2.65 lbs sausage) ... a huge amount of food but I was committed before I really realized how much I was making.

    Mixed brown mustard and chicken broth before pouring. Added a bit of garlic.

    Cooked 5 hours on low, not 8 as directed, so cabbage ...
  3. still own the healthcare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tex Mex View Post
    Like offer a choice to opt out of Obamacare. All I want is affordable catastrophic coverage. How hard is that to set up?
    Hey Tex....I had that for nearly 20 years until democrats killed it.

    Today I went in to get my ears I can hear rats fart 60 ft away.

    Cost 120.00. 120.00 that I could have taking out from my healthcare saving account.
    You can still put away $2,000 pre-tax to pay for out of pocket medical expenses.
  4. Tests invented by Supreme Court Justices used to circumvent our Constitution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordelier View Post
    JWK - Are you familiar with the concept of suspect classifications where it comes to discrimination?

    Actually, I am quite familiar with a number of things made up by our Supreme Court which are used by the court to avoid a discussion about what is and what is not Constitutional, and redirects such a discussion to abstract pontifications which have nothing to do with whether or not something is or isn’t constitutional.

    One of these Supreme Court “inventions”
  5. Brits to Trump: "Cut the BS!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrizzy View Post
    What "damage" was done over the last eight years?
    Where do I start:

    Black lives matter - all out assult on law enforcement by people AND the president
    Coal plants forced to shut down due to EPA regs
    costs of cars going up due to EPA regs
    No boarder control
    Those here illegally welcomed

    How's that for a start?
    coal plants closing are a good thing.

    Time for for miners to find other jobs that trump has ...
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