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  1. Tests invented by Supreme Court Justices used to circumvent our Constitution

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    JWK - Are you familiar with the concept of suspect classifications where it comes to discrimination?

    Actually, I am quite familiar with a number of things made up by our Supreme Court which are used by the court to avoid a discussion about what is and what is not Constitutional, and redirects such a discussion to abstract pontifications which have nothing to do with whether or not something is or isn’t constitutional.

    One of these Supreme Court “inventions”
  2. United States Supreme Court May/June 2014 decisions thread

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    Actually I would argue that it is the other way around. I do NOT need the government to mandate things to make life "easier" for me. Not only do I want all the rights that men have, but also the responsibilities that go along with it. I do not need a sugar daddy government to imply that I am not strong enough to handle responsibilities on my own.

    It seems from the liberal point of view, it tells women they can have all the rights but not the responsibilities. THAT is not