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  1. Attorney General Nominee Sessions: AG Must Be Able to Say "No" to the President

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    Didn't five federal judges who gave their opinions before the AG firing - rule against portions of the EO?
    No, they issued stays until a ruling could be made. In any case the administration backed off those portions of the EO and likely were not asking her to defend those portions.

    Oh and grr, forum won't let me edit my post just prior to this one.
    If you can, work from a mobile device or a Mac.

    There is something seriously wrong with the forum's ...
  2. Spanish Version of White House Website Taken Down

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    Real Americans speak American!
    I Like this post for the pure sarcasm of it...That is just what Trump thinks too.
  3. Trump Administration Overturns Obama’s FHA Mortgage-Fee Cut

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    Ok. You are even more clueless than I thought.
    Nope, they're right. If your credit wasn't great or you couldn't come up with a lot to put down people could end up with rates that high back then. There was also a lot of owner financing back then, when it's that expensive to get a mortgage people get creative.
  4. 51 senators vote to consider 29 TRILLION dollar debt limit

  5. Libs, are you entering a time of hopelessness?...We can help.

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    Apparently you Messiah wife said.

    Seems to me you had 8 years of hope and what happen?

    How many libs here feels the same why she does?

    And what can we do as conservatives to return hope too you?

    As Conservatives we can help them land a decent job and up their standard of living,
    There is no better "Change" than change in your pocket that grows as your effort to earn it grows.
    It brings
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