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  1. Truck crash in Nice

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    my parents are there....
    Crap! I hope you hear from them soon!

    We're up north but my husband is from Toulon. His best friend who lives in Nice just checked in on FB.

    This is horrific.
  2. What is it about "Radical Islam"

    Quote Originally Posted by Mortal_Wombat View Post
    I can not wrap my head around what the attraction to many of these young Muslim Men and Women who follow the Radical Teachings of Islam.
    Especially the Muslims who are born in the United States and are living in this country.

    Why is it so much easier for these "Radical" teachers and messages to pull in these young Muslims?

    Do these young Muslims hate that there Parents moved to America?

    Its a bigger "cool aid drinking" group than we
  3. the gun nuts,the NRA and the right wing are directly responsible for orlando

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rurudyne View Post
    you forgot needing to outlaw all machine tools in private hands....
    Good point, but didn't want to get TOO technical and lose him...LOL
    "Does your neighbor own a lathe? Report suspicious shop denizens, gear heads and model engine enthusiasts to your friendly neighborhood Liberty Watch today!"
  4. How can one enjoy heaven?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koushi Shinigami View Post
    Interesting. I wonder if there is a name for this process of purging of the pollution of sin from us. I know. How about purge-atory.
    Which happens here not in the Spirit realm as I have said.
    It happens here after one dies. According to what you've just said.

    Forget about the red herring of when it happens. You've just agreed with the Catholic idea that further purification happens. Whether or not it is at the moment of death or after doesn't ...
  5. Trump defends scam with a scam

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