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  1. Dumb thread of the week: Liberal: Are you an accessory to rape?

    Quote Originally Posted by altair1013 View Post
    In a way you are. In Washington DC two illegals abducted and raped a 12 year old girl. Why are liberals at fault? Because you supported their unchecked admission into the US and conservatives opposed it. It only makes sense to say that liberals are at least partly to blame for this. Here I am, a former U.S marine and when I return to the the U.S. from another country, I must fill out documents and go through customs. If an unknown Mexican wants to enter our country, he is allowed to do so without
  2. Congratulations Libs

    Quote Originally Posted by Death Star View Post
    I know it's only June, but...

    This thread so very clearly demonstrates the Republicans complete and utter lack of comprehension of reality. Bookmark this thread, when you lose again in 2016, come back and re-read this thread. This^ type of **** right here is what doomed you.