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  1. Paul Ryan lies on FoxNews and no one calls him out!

    Paul Ryan was on FoxNews this morning [the 8AM hour] and once again he has lied about his tax reform plan, saying that under his plan and its simplification, the American People would be able file their tax returns on a post card. The truth is, the American people will still have to determine what is and is not “taxable income” under his plan, and this is the gimmick used by Congress to grant preferences and exclusions, and select winners and losers. And for one to determine what their “taxable ...
  2. 51 senators vote to consider 29 TRILLION dollar debt limit

  3. Dumb thread of the week: Liberal: Are you an accessory to rape?

    Quote Originally Posted by altair1013 View Post
    In a way you are. In Washington DC two illegals abducted and raped a 12 year old girl. Why are liberals at fault? Because you supported their unchecked admission into the US and conservatives opposed it. It only makes sense to say that liberals are at least partly to blame for this. Here I am, a former U.S marine and when I return to the the U.S. from another country, I must fill out documents and go through customs. If an unknown Mexican wants to enter our country, he is allowed to do so without
  4. Rand Paul: "Republicans have "gone completely crazy" on voter identification"

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    Quote Originally Posted by snagswolf View Post
    As I said before, it makes sense that those gaming the system would want to keep the current system in place.

    If Republicans saw in person voting fraud as an advantage, why would they be pushing for Voter ID?
    Anecdotal as it may be, here is a story about how actually simple it is to acquire a fake ID card. As a younger man (old boy, actually, but I digress), I once used less that legitimate methods to get my hands on what would be otherwise a completely legal drivers license.