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  1. WaPo: Trump has made over 1500 misleading or false claims ... (sounds kind of low)

    Quote Originally Posted by peek-a-boo View Post
    A couple of interesting points here.

    Based on the Trump bashing threads in this forum I would have thought the number would be in the trillion gazillion range. So I guess I'm kind of seeing that there are only 1500 as good news.

    Second, I wonder why the WAPO didn't see fit to do the same with Obama. Could that have something to do with the WAPO being a liberal mouthpiece?
  2. Hillary's campaign ending???

    Breaking news! Alert! Alert!
    You read it here first ... Hillary's campaign will end Dec. 30. Someone tell cable news. Alert! Alert!

    From the thread: Trump is the only candidate who can beat Hillary

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    Quote Originally Posted by madasheck View Post
    And that's going to continue after the 2016 election when Hillary wins.
    Hillary just killed her own campaign and no one is smart enough to see it.
    Especially her.

    That's okay, it'll take a week or two for it all to settle