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  1. Libs, are you entering a time of hopelessness?...We can help.

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    Apparently you Messiah wife said.

    Seems to me you had 8 years of hope and what happen?

    How many libs here feels the same why she does?

    And what can we do as conservatives to return hope too you?

    As Conservatives we can help them land a decent job and up their standard of living,
    There is no better "Change" than change in your pocket that grows as your effort to earn it grows.
    It brings
  2. Trump wants to strip first amendment rights

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    We need a Trump tweet interpreter now.

    when he says "there must be consequences".

    you have ask him what he means by that.



    Don't panic.
    We survived Obama and that was mount Everest.
    Trump is not people-hating America-hating business-hating Constitution-hating twerp like Obama.
    You'll be fine.

  3. The honor of US Citizenship

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    Great post and congrats to all who entered LEGALLY.
    On this eve of Thanksgiving I wish to second OP's Thanksgiving wishes to all here.

    This year special thanks go to We The People who rose up and for the right person to lead us.

    Pilgrims came looking for Freedom to worship and soon discovered that
    communes caused most creative folks not to work hard since they were rewarded
    just the same as ones who were lazy and unproductive.

  4. What do you bet: Ferguson news released on Friday?

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    I'll take a moment to wish Officer Wilson strength and endurance during these trying times. Have faith and belief that Justice will prevail.
    I wish I could carry the load for you and in my heart I am with you and with your loved ones. There are millions of people in your camp.
    We believe in you and will stand with you to the end.
    The mob is out of control but evil is short lived and a year from now will move on to another victim in search of lynching spree.