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  1. The Wall

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    Well, that certainly took a turn at the end there, didn't it?
  2. 63% of voters would not vote for Trump

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    Rightwing talkies are deflecting to Hillary and Bernie today and avoiding the disaster that is the GOP race.
    Big time, I noticed that right away. They're trying to equate Bernie and Hillary inferring the other as not being qualified based on issues as somehow being at the same level of the whiny name calling infantile blather spewing from the pig mouth and short fingers of a certain republican front runner.
  3. I see it's starting.

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    As far as the choking case in NY, how many of you heard witnesses say that he told the cops six times that he was choking? Also how many of you ever saw a person choking & talking at the same time? That is a totally irresponsible statement to say the least. I have seen people choking & they do not talk.
    You've never been in a situation where you are having a hard time breathing and in a panic you say "I can't breathe" ? Don't you think if you have your arm around someone's ...
  4. Lib Privilege

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    Nope just for what I said.
    Which is what? How did they block anything?