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  1. The Official 2016 Second POTUS Debate Thread

    [QUOTE=pnafin;105144130]Drudge Report has a poll that says he won by 90%![/QUOTE]

    Did he move "on her like a bitch" and grab her "by the *****?"

    He is such a classy piece of ****.
  2. Cruz Says 2nd Amendment Will Be ‘Written Out of the Constitution' If...

    [QUOTE=Conan;104680802]Good luck.

    I hope it would spark a war.[/QUOTE]

    What would? Cruz's ********? Yea, it already has and Cruz and his asshat sycophants are on the losing side.
  3. "We have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi.."..

    [QUOTE=LucyLou;104565909][QUOTE=Hoss;104565896]The CEC is running with this lie. Disgraced Fox News commentator, Ralph ***** Peters, is going to be on the Lars Larson show to spin this lie for the gullible righties.[/QUOTE]

    It's like the rightie brain cell is full of fluff, and whatever ******** the CEC throws at it, just lands there, sticks there, sprouts roots and thrives. They just simply refuse to look at the facts beyond the lies they are being spoonfed.[/QUOTE]

    You ...