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  1. The Official 2016 Second POTUS Debate Thread

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    Drudge Report has a poll that says he won by 90%!
    Did he move "on her like a bitch" and grab her "by the *****?"

    He is such a classy piece of ****.
  2. Cruz Says 2nd Amendment Will Be ‘Written Out of the Constitution' If...

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    Good luck.

    I hope it would spark a war.
    What would? Cruz's ********? Yea, it already has and Cruz and his asshat sycophants are on the losing side.
  3. "We have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi.."..

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    The CEC is running with this lie. Disgraced Fox News commentator, Ralph ***** Peters, is going to be on the Lars Larson show to spin this lie for the gullible righties.
    It's like the rightie brain cell is full of fluff, and whatever ******** the CEC throws at it, just lands there, sticks there, sprouts roots and thrives. They just simply refuse to look at the facts beyond the lies they are being spoonfed.
    You know, Lucy, I think you are onto something. There is something ...