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The Bos'un

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  1. As Washington Turns: the soap opera and liberal melt down of the century.

    Anonymous sources have revealed to the NY Slimes that tRump pulled a girls hair on the playground when he was five years old proving he was a serial anti feminist. Pink hatters Rosebud Odimmer and Madrona jumped on this bandwagon and indicated they entertained the notions of farting in the whitehouse elevator, if ever allowed in.

    In other news the fake news media organization FNN, former orcastraw leader of the FBI, Jimbo Comley said that tRump was really to blame for him releasing ...
  2. Dummies Tweet At Wrong Hamilton

    Quote Originally Posted by DRS View Post
    So the ever sensitive in need of safe space Trump and Pence worshippers have been tweeting at a theatre in Hamilton Ontario over what happened at the play Hamilton.
    Wasn't me. So stay away from my fire hydrant. Woof woof. There are "stupid is as stupid does" on both sides of the fence. Hamilton Theater is easy to ...