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  1. Did the FBI Collude with the DNC and Russia to Spy on the Trump Campaign?

    [QUOTE=Airyaman;105894344][QUOTE=smyrna;105894342]How did the DNC do it?[/QUOTE]


    Was the DNC hacked? How did it happen? They weren't even in hostile territory? Hacking an unprotected device isn't all that hard if someone knows what they're doing. I mean ****......Hillary is so stupid, she didn't even know she was breaking the law. Someone that ****ing stupid wouldn't have been smart enough to protect their devices, holding highly sensitive, classified ...
  2. Question To Christians On The Forums

    [QUOTE=Koushi Shinigami;105456211][QUOTE=smyrna;105455540]It would appear....many.

    As a Rotarian, one of the great uniters is that religion is not brought into it. The common denominator is service, which is Christ like but with no mention of Him. Thus Rotarians are in over 200 different countries doing the work of our Lord.[/QUOTE]

    So you're saying baptists, Catholics, pentecostals, "bible believing Christians", etc can work together under the umbrella ...