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  1. If the Muslim ban is so important to the national security

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    Why hasn't Trump issued a new one?

    bad guys are flowing in.........

    ...cuz Trump needs to make the next EO lib proof from lone judges. You'll get what you're asking for very soon. If ya don't believe me just watch.....heh, heh, heh.
  2. Republicans need a presidential candidate that will energize the base!

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    Isn't it about time? McRomDole didn't work out, so how about another strategy?

    The author in this November 2012 piece had some interesting thoughts:

    "(snip)Romney did everything the cynical Rove wing of the party says Republicans have to do to win. He abandoned his base with Chick-fil-a and joined the liberal dog pile on Todd Akin. He played it safe and didn't offer any major tax or entitlement reform ideas to avoid being demagogued. He ran on platitudes (snip)