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  1. Trump pardons piece of trash Arpaio

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    enforcement by defying a federal court order. That federal court issued an injunction against Arapio.

    he defied it. And he was brought up on federal contempt of court charges. And was found guilty.

    that not law enforcement, that a federal court order defier.

    Now hes a pardoned criminal

    An "ADMITTED" pardoned criminal.
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  2. Leaders Appear to Snicker as Trump Calls on NATO Allies to Pay Their 'Fair Share'

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    "Emmanuel, my friend...shall we tell him we are out of ze chocolate cake?"
    or coke or ice cream and there isn't a McDonald's nearby.

  3. Senate will not vote on House health care bill

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    How do you figure that? The typical middle class American pays 10-12% of gross income. Are you trying to tell us that Europeans pay 1/2 to 1/3 of that? BS!
    That is correct. We pay close to twice what other countries pay
    More interestingly, while the U.S. has the highest overall spending and the lowest percentage of the population covered by government programs (nearly every
  4. New York City crime stats....Why is this? Well.....

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    8,500,000 people.

    990 shootings in 2016.

    that is the thread ender.

  5. Brits to Trump: "Cut the BS!"

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    What "damage" was done over the last eight years?
    Where do I start:

    Black lives matter - all out assult on law enforcement by people AND the president
    Coal plants forced to shut down due to EPA regs
    costs of cars going up due to EPA regs
    No boarder control
    Those here illegally welcomed

    How's that for a start?
    coal plants closing are a good thing.

    Time for for miners to find other jobs that trump has ...
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