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  1. Swing and a miss for project veritas

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    Just like the Breitbart idiots, this stunt actually proves how well the WaPo journalist do their research before posting the Moore articles
    Which is why it backfired spectacularly. This actually gives even more credibility to Moore's real accusers.
    All well and good, except Moore's staunchest supporters will never see it that way.
  2. still own the healthcare.

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    Like offer a choice to opt out of Obamacare. All I want is affordable catastrophic coverage. How hard is that to set up?
    Hey Tex....I had that for nearly 20 years until democrats killed it.

    Today I went in to get my ears I can hear rats fart 60 ft away.

    Cost 120.00. 120.00 that I could have taking out from my healthcare saving account.
    You can still put away $2,000 pre-tax to pay for out of pocket medical expenses.
  3. Attorney General Nominee Sessions: AG Must Be Able to Say "No" to the President

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    Didn't five federal judges who gave their opinions before the AG firing - rule against portions of the EO?
    No, they issued stays until a ruling could be made. In any case the administration backed off those portions of the EO and likely were not asking her to defend those portions.

    Oh and grr, forum won't let me edit my post just prior to this one.
    If you can, work from a mobile device or a Mac.

    There is something seriously wrong with the forum's ...
  4. Why must liberals accuse the right and libertarians for not caring about the poor?

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    Do you know why he got such access?

    You think it was because he was a special character, and got that opportunity based on his own unique innate abilities?

    How do you think he just happened to be at the right place at the right time in 1981 when IBM needed a new operating system?
    I have no idea. I'm too busy making my own money to worry about how he made his.
    And probably being too caught up in your inflated sense of self-worth to realize how ...