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October 23rd, 2016, 11:47 am
My name is Sixtilio Dalmau (59), runned for the Presidency of my Country in 1995. Through Fox Channel 548 I follow Mr. Hannity program. Itīs very refreshing to hear a person that speaks freely his mind. I am happy to see Mr. Hannity opinions regarding Mr. Trump in his running for Office. I myself, since very early in the present Campaign bought the donaldjtrump.info domain and have been trackin all the events for more than a year. I think it would be very interesting for Mr. Hannity to do some research on OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation - www.opic.gov). Mr. Trump is offering to create millions of new Jobs. I think a way to do that is to create based on OPIC a National similar Corporation (National Private Investment Corporation - NPIC) to promote new business in favor of the middle class. I called the Billionaire Initiative. I also expect to participate in this Forum by giving my modest opinion when possible. Thanks.