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  1. In Memory... (NO Politics, Please)
  2. How did you find the Hannity.com forums?
  3. The Late Night Review
  4. Global Warming Watch
  5. ~ The Bar is Open™ ~
  6. Dude...why isn`t GITMO closed?
  7. Shot fired at Al Franken's house
  8. NY Cabbie Is Asked If He's Muslim, Then Stabbed Multiple Times
  9. GOP official and TP activist sends out ridiculous photo of Obama as a chimp
  10. Per My Drooling - The ONE and ONLY Obama College Transcript Thread
  11. Conservatives, do you support or oppose flex fuel mandates.
  12. Dialogue on the Civil War #2
  13. Tea Party?
  14. Obama above 50% in Rasmussen daily tracking poll
  15. Thanks Barry - Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year
  16. Obama’s Presidential American Eagle – “President Obama…Come & Get It!
  17. Zimmerman/Martin Thread
  18. Big Mistake in Making Obamacare an Election Year Issue
  19. Syrian Civil War Thread
  20. Isaacson v. Horne (Arizona law banning abortions at and beyond 20 weeks)
  21. Soetoro/Obama - Harvard Law Review Editor? Where Are His Publications?
  22. Dude, where`s the opium?
  23. DOW inching closer to all time high
  24. Sierra Club Demorats and the Slow/ No Growth Eutopia- Slow economy is by design
  25. Freedomworks busts RNC - Per Rush- with Transcript
  26. €£¥$ Has Left the Building – Gold Up Sharply on Economic News
  27. Barry's Arab Spring: Cairo protesters scale U.S. Embassy wall, remove flag
  28. Unskewed polls? I think it makes sense...
  29. Will The Economy Do Better If Obama Gets Re-Elected Or Not?
  30. $7.16 Gal. Gas By End of an Obama Second Term
  31. Most Dangerous December
  32. Unskewed Polls - Mitt Wins With 321
  33. We Told Ya! Mitt the Moderate Would NOT Excite the Base
  34. Stock market TANKS in reaction to Obama victory
  35. Where to Go Before America Collapses?
  36. Bring it on.
  37. No longer a Republican after 30+ years
  38. Man shoots unarmed teen in Florida invokes Stand your Ground law
  39. Tea Party members lose committee assignments
  40. Martial Law – And so it Begins…
  41. Fiscal Cliff Agreement Passes Senate -> Congrats GOP!
  42. Using Debt Ceiling as a Threat is UnAmerican
  43. What budget???
  44. Secession – Sean Warns a Realistic Possibility if Radical Leftists Continue
  45. For those advocating "reasonable"
  46. The Perils of Exponential Growth and Peak Oil
  47. Panetta opens combat roles to women
  48. Gas prices keep rising
  49. Obama the compulsive liar
  50. 7 yr old suspended--Pop Tart looked like a gun
  51. Senate CR Bill Likely to Pass in the House
  52. 4 years after Glenn Beck's "War Room 2014 Scenarios."
  53. Can we find a few more Ted Cruz's...
  54. The GOP: SCARY! Narrow minded, out of touch, stuffy old men...
  55. What to do about North Korea...
  56. Opinions on Austrian economics and its adherents
  57. Ok...what were these cops thinking?
  58. Glenn Beck's Threat
  59. Why Does DHS Need More Bullets Per Officer Than Army?
  60. Is taxation a form of theft?
  61. Air Force Lt. General Helms nomination held up over sexual assault controversy
  62. Are you kidding me?
  63. Gateway Pundit. IRS. Tea Party. Rally's. Nazi Symbols. Weasels...
  64. The Cult of FOX News
  65. McCain: Women should avoid military service until crisis fixed
  66. DOW Closes under 15,000... ALL MARKETS SLIDING WORLD WIDE...
  67. Privacy Or Security?
  68. Thinking Of Becoming An Illegal Alien...
  69. Military Brat Lapel Pin Act
  70. What Happens If Our Dollar Colapses....
  71. green earth by barry
  72. Turned two Liberals this weekend
  73. Ted Nugent Considers Running for President in 2016
  74. Liz Cheney to challenge US Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyo.
  75. You might be Surprised what is in the Textbooks
  76. Christi Planning To Switch Parties & Be The Democrat Presidential Nominee.
  77. Major Danish Paper Warns of Global Cooling...
  78. A Simple Rule
  79. has this judge heard of teh seperation of church and state?
  80. Muslim Brotherhood leader claims to have recordings that will put Obama behind bars
  81. A Major facepalm and the Dangers
  82. Hate crimes against libs, by libs
  83. Syria-Are we about to make a catastrophically stupid mistake?
  84. Dude....where`s the WMD?
  85. USA third world behavior.
  86. Hey libs......how do you like your Buffon now?
  87. Minimum Wage Increase vs. Amnesty - Two socialist pipe dreams that can not co exist
  88. Colorado Recall Election
  89. Report: Zimmerman taken into custody in gun incident
  90. 13 Dems charged with embezzling $16M from AIDS programs
  91. Should the Nobel committee revoke Obama's Peace Prize and give it to Putin?
  92. Trending: Syria agrees to Russian proposal
  93. Federal Judgeship Act of 2013 has committee hearing today
  94. Have Assad and Putin played us like a fiddle?
  95. Top 1% Households "Earn" 19.3% of Total Income. Highest Level Since 1927
  96. Wind Energy Companies are Asking Obama for permission to kill 30 Eagles a Year
  97. Caption this: Obama and putin - profiles in leadership
  98. Ted Cruz: "We Need 100 More Like Jesse Helms In The Senate"
  99. I'm beginning to like the "ACA", Obamacare
  100. Russia warns over North Korea work at 'nightmarish' nuclear reactor
  101. United States Supreme Court October 2013 Term thread
  102. obama the war monger -- Now he's eyeing up Iran.
  103. Sen. Mike Lee: Graves' bill will FUND govt.; DEFUND Obamacare
  104. Mr. President:Put The Quran Down, Get Up Off Your Knees & Come Out With Your Hands Up
  105. Two million bikers? What about Two million Semi-Trucks.
  106. Truckers to shut down DC for three days
  107. Does anyone honestly think that Obama will sign a bill to defund his healthcare law?
  108. Meltdown in Washington: President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdow
  109. Rise of ‘Stealth Socialism’ in America
  110. If Obama were offered the opportunity to become a king, would he accept it?
  111. If Republicans really know the ACA will be a disaster why are they trying to kill it?
  112. "Woman up, and fight like a girl!"
  113. Bob Beckle is a liar
  114. Ok...Live Thread: Ted Cruz activates Filibuster.
  115. GOP Stands w/Tea Party Favorite Sen. Cruz in Filibuster Funding ObamaCare
  116. Great News! Obamacare Exchanges will allow for voter registration as well!!
  117. The Legend of Ted Cruz
  118. Applaud – Pelosi to be Denied Communion
  119. if min. wage laws are so good why doesnt switzerland have it?
  120. 2008 crisis roots...
  121. And the U.S. is behind in education... why again???
  122. Sheriff Joe Arpaio to jail inmates: "NO MEAT FOR YOU"
  123. D.C. Barrycare exchange cant figure premium prices until mid Nov
  124. GOP Actually Wants Obamacare
  125. Hey..remember when..
  126. Against cultural conservatism
  127. Potential pitfalls for the GOP in coming elections
  128. Predictions: What will happen when Obamacare goes live on October 1st
  129. For people who are against welfare and food stamps, what other option is there
  130. Abortion Loving Socialist Wendy Davis running for TX Governor
  131. Just a Thought - How to Halt Schizophrenic Shootings and Other Madness
  132. Healthcare.gov
  133. Will Federal Administrators be as receptive to parents concerns re. COMMON CORE
  134. Now we know why Arpaio had to skimp on the meat
  135. For those getting Medical Insurance through an Employer.
  136. How long until the hard left demands Universal Single Payer?
  137. Cruzade: Defunding Effort Nearing 30 Votes in Senate
  138. Senate Convenes at 9:30am Eastern
  139. Medicare coverage in a nutshell
  140. Who do you think is leading the 2016 GOP Pres canidate race?
  141. OK, now it's flat out blackmail
  142. Another gay-agenda boycott over political correctness?
  143. George Soros.
  144. What would McCain do about Iran if he was President?
  145. What are my choices for healthcare right now and without Obamacare?
  146. A Muslim Hero in Kenya Mall Attack
  147. I Agree With This Liberal Senator
  148. What should Boehner do next? I have an idea.
  149. Obamacare $30,000 Video Contest? Your Tax Dollars at Work.
  150. Where were these powers given?
  151. ObamaCare: It's unsustainable; better to scrap it and start anew
  152. NSA employees are spying on women, ex-girlfriends without detection
  153. Apparently, Not Everyone in Iran is Onboard...
  154. What Obligates Congress to Fund the Laws Past By a Previous Congress?
  155. UAW Socialists charged with misleading/coercing workers at VW's Tennenssee plant
  156. The uninsured After Obamacare fully implemented
  157. 25 Republicans voting with Reid re Obamacare
  158. Tactical Military Combat Vehicles - Coming to a Street Near You!
  159. The Cheap Insurance salesman-in-chief...
  160. John Cornyn(Idiot-Texas) treating his constituents like idiots
  161. UN report: 95% Humans are Causing Global Warming
  162. Some want Spanish to be the official language of the US. Its about to anyway
  163. Why do politicians REALLY fear a shutdown?
  164. why do you support paying thousands more for insurance?
  165. 50 College students executed by MUSLIM militants in Nigeria
  166. Want laissez-faire capitalism?
  167. Religion of Peace? Pastor shot to death while preaching!
  168. Oxford Study: 47% of US Jobs "at risk" of being automated in next 20 years
  169. a pleasant possible shutdown side effect
  170. Doubts that I've had and still have about the Tea Party being libertarian
  171. Thanks Mr Obama and Supporters...Just got my first look at my new Ins Rates!!!
  172. President Obama and Senator Reid threaten/aspire government shutdown
  173. Obamacare-What the Republicans Should Do... .
  174. Authorize.net refuses service to gun seller
  175. DOJ suing North Carolina over stone-age voting laws
  176. Argument comparison
  177. Obama threatens to shut down the government
  178. States' rights and incorporation
  179. PPP 2016 Poll: Ted Cruz is now in first place
  180. Syria
  181. Government By Ransom
  182. The Ted Cruz birth certificate thread
  183. Republicans letting Obama off the hook.......................Again.
  184. So Mr Matt Bevin wants to restore felons rights to own guns and to vote....
  185. How long till the House Caves?
  186. Senate has just convened, Reid moves to table the latest House Amendment
  187. The increasing impossibility of dealing with the far right
  188. John Boehner, let "The Peoples' House" vote!
  189. The New House Offer
  190. OK Republicans
  191. New Poll: Only One-Third Of Americans Support Repealing, Defunding Or Delaying Obamac
  192. Oh, shut up you DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!
  193. CNN Report: Group of Moderate Republicans in House to stage revolt.
  194. King Barack I the Socialist Great is starting to get desperate.
  195. 60% of US: It's more important to fund the government than block parts of Obamacare
  196. Libertarians...I am ready!
  197. Something About the Timing
  198. Employee message I wish I could deliver!
  199. Dictators and their tantrums... .
  200. Careful what you wish for...
  201. Shut it down.
  202. I am worried about Joe Biden...anyone see him layely?
  203. The Obama government shutdown begins
  204. The Chicken Little Democrats: The Sky Is Falling! The Apocolypse Is Upon Us!
  205. Was Justice Roberts Blackmailed Into Voting For Democrat's Obamacare?
  206. Shut down and kept out
  207. Independent Take
  208. The news for the GOP is worse than Imagined
  209. Progress made with new Fast and Furious court decision
  210. its time for the dems to force boehner out
  211. What else can we put a Gov't front end and sell to "control" prices?
  212. WE NEED A LIKELY VOTER POLL on this shutdown issue.
  213. Too many partisans on this board
  214. Government Shutdown and You
  215. Radical Islam and Radical Politcs
  216. Obama The Bully
  217. Way to go Harry
  218. Reid and McConnell Threaten Gov't Shut down
  219. The Sequester Is Crippling the FBI
  220. An open-minded journey through the NY Health Exchange
  221. IRS cost Romney the election
  222. "Absolutely I will Not Negotiate!"-Barack Obama
  223. Support the House Opposition Against ubamacare
  224. Standard & Poors: Shutdown And Debt Ceiling Debate Prove U.S. Not Worthy Of AAACredit
  225. Shutnado!!!! Post your shutdown horror stories here!
  226. Apparently, two can play this game...
  227. Can anyone explain why Obama has to "negotiate" on something that's already law?
  228. In Australia and Canada, if parliament can't pass a budget, it's dissolved
  229. Fox News Masters the art of the echo chamber: it's a slimdown, not a shutdown
  230. Exempt Me, Too!
  231. WW II Vets Enjoy Memorial In Spite of Barricade
  232. When Political Fortunes Reverse...
  233. Do Congress members get paid during the shutdown?
  234. Question if Obamacare gets defunded
  235. New Poll: Americans by 72% Oppose Shutdown Tied to Obamacare cuts
  236. The Affordable Health Care Act, government cheese and slavery
  237. demonrats Pledge To Continue ubama Government Shutdown And Reject Funding Parks, Vets
  238. Gattaca Healthcare solution Called gattacare
  239. Are Democrats responsible at all for shutting down government?
  240. The truth
  241. Food stamp parasites whining about shutdown causing gravy train to come to a halt.
  242. I'm sorry, but this is too funny and pathetic at the same time not to share.
  243. Man on the street ignorance between AHCA and Obamacare?
  244. Man on the street ignorance between AHCA and Obamacare?
  245. Rep Ann Wagner is a class act.
  246. Ask your Doctor about Obamacare- The phrase that pays
  247. What Happens If No One Cares About The Partial Government Shutdown?
  248. Government shutdown is an excellent tool to focus the liberal mind
  249. Congress voting / not voting to keep their health plans
  250. Decreased Healthcare Cost?