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  16. America needs Liberty, please help
  17. 6 Days of Darkness ??
  18. Saudi Historian Says U.S. Women Drive Because They Don't Care If They're Raped
  19. The Stupidity of Acting Stupidly
  20. Model Judicial Reform in the United States (Model State Constitutional Language)
  21. Where is the free speech on this site?
  22. Is Writing Given Importance as a Disclipline Any More?
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  24. Cars-they should limit trades of these in U.S.
  25. Are cellphones rude? Have never owned 1 and no interest.
  26. Convicted criminals should be allowed to become defense lawyers-views.
  27. We must use nuclear energy, hydroelectric dams & geothermal. Green energy not green.
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  29. last battle for America?
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  40. Polish MP: Germans going to great lengths to hide Muslim migrant crimes
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  42. Obama Declares ‘Woefully Unprepared’ Trump Unfit for Presidency?
  43. Creating a truly independent legal establishment in the United States
  44. How does Huma Abedin get a Top Secret Security Clearance??
  45. 90 day immigration fix
  46. A petition for vegan offerings?
  47. Teachers taking lunches again?
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  49. Expressions that Must Go in 2017
  50. What do you think of companies who do this?
  51. 83% of counties reconsidered
  52. Trump/Pence should say "God Bless America!" in their rally's/speeches
  53. Send Congress a #MAGA Brick for the Wall with Mexico
  54. The Forgotten Promise
  55. Obamacare: Repeal and Lightly Regulate
  56. Election Influencing: The Reality
  57. The Great Divide: Prologue
  58. The Great Divide: The Media - Its Role and Responsibilities
  59. The Great Divide: The Media - Its Role and Responsibilities
  60. Reality Check: Is #Pizzagate "Fake News" or Just Not Officially Investigated?
  61. Sanctuary Cities, The Tenth Amendment, The Constitution, Nullification, and the Oath
  62. Healthcare and The Constitution: Where is the Authority?
  63. sexual harassment
  64. Rinos
  65. The REAL winners in last night's ball game
  66. Which is better - Star Wars or Star Trek?
  67. Is a taco a sandwich? Is a pizza a sandwich? Is it all sandwiches?
  68. SOLVE North Korea MAKE a DEAL! Make a 99 year treaty & HELP THEM Mine their resources
  69. Is morality absolute?
  70. "The Vietnam War"
  71. "Common Sense Gun Laws for Mass Shootings"
  72. Peace, Love.
  73. Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the need to set an ironclad line
  74. Don't Come to me with a problem, Come to me with a solution Guns Everywhere
  75. The Influence of the Trump Administration on European Politics
  76. The current balance of the Article III federal judiciary by appointing President
  77. Students and their part in school shootings!
  78. Prefrontal cortex vs Amygdala and why the children (and teens) should not lead
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