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  1. The Gathering Place Redux
  2. WHY The Bible Is Truth & Evolution Is A Lie.
  3. Can a true born again can fall away and lose their salvation?
  4. 3 things government can never take from you....
  5. An Honest Black Preacher's Response to the Zimmerman/Martin Case
  6. John 3 Nicodemus and Jesus discussion, what was it really about?
  7. Jesus ramps up the demands
  8. Romans 8: 1
  9. Pope Francis: God will forgive atheists and agnostics as long as they . . .
  10. Let's take a look at Christ's Parables
  11. Amazing Grace!
  12. The process of salvation in Roman Catholicism
  13. Rapture Revisited
  14. What do you personally do during a public prayer?
  15. All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags
  16. Entering in
  17. Do Catholics make it hard to be Catholic?
  18. TOTAL Depravity
  19. good bye
  20. Why My English Teacher Wanted To Be Baptized In Jesus Name
  21. Political War = Spiritual War
  22. Thankgivukkah
  23. How/when did you come to your Faith?
  24. A message to Pastors (everyone please listen to this)
  25. Neuroscientist's New Book: PROOF OF HEAVEN
  26. The facts and the truth
  27. "You can not serve God and mammon".... Why not?
  28. playing with Hebrew and the first few words of the Bible
  29. Let's try something
  30. Genesis question for Mimiheart
  31. Jerusalem: The Holy City: A History of Jerusalem from Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel
  32. Does God feel guilty?
  33. Miracle of the Sun, Oct 13, 1917
  34. The Swine
  35. ‘Good News of Military Victory’
  36. The "Heretics" Thread
  37. Cosmological Considerations
  38. The Early Church
  39. Your opinion on the Childfree: Good, bad or indifferent?
  40. Atheists, in order to get something of great value returned, would you...
  41. A gospel of hate?
  42. Prayers please? One of my kittens stolen and a break and enter
  43. With the Grace of God, my wife and I...
  44. Is this Humanism or Theism or...something else?
  45. The Four Blood Moons
  46. Can Someone Tell Me Why No One Else Gets Upset About This?
  47. Abomination of Desolation, What Does It Mean?
  48. Faith Question for Atheists
  49. Will the Rapture/end of days happen in our lifetime?
  50. RF Daily News & Inquiries
  51. The Church and Israel are seperate and distinct
  52. Happy All Hallows Eve
  53. Why should I respect your religious beliefs?
  54. The Beatitudes
  55. Question For Christians About Marriage!
  56. 'Bishop of Bling???'
  57. "Entering in"
  58. Psalms 136 (137)
  59. God's Not Dead
  60. What is the 7 year Tribulation? What will happen?
  61. Meaning of Matthew 24:36-41 ". . . one will be taken and one will be left."
  62. Praying "If It Be Thy Will".
  63. Questions for Preterists (will add more)
  64. Reconciliation
  65. Where is God?
  66. What has been the most difficult part of living your faith?
  67. QUESTION FOR Semi or anyone actually- replies etc
  68. The abomination and return of Christ - Why do they have this commonality?
  69. What do you make of the new Pope?
  70. Incense in Christian worship
  71. "Considering context" vs. "universal, objective morality"
  72. Some thoughts and some questions about the realm of unseen things
  73. Long Island medium. Good or Evil?
  74. The Fourth Crusade
  75. What Are Your Ideas On The 4 Hoursemen Of Rev, Chapeter 9?
  76. Pat Robertson: "If your son came out as gay he was probably molested"
  77. Anti-religion people turn to churches during disasters.
  78. Dispensationalism
  79. I thought this was funny
  80. Paul's Own Thoughts (Not God's)
  81. Idea from Penn Jillette
  82. Do You Believe You Can Create Your Own destiny By Your Speach?
  83. Gays, gay marriage and gay blessing ceremonies.
  84. "Knowing the Lord" vs. "knowing good and evil"; what is the difference?
  85. Books of Adam and Eve
  86. Is it perseverance--or preservation--of saints?
  87. Jesus is our Propitiation (Believer's are NOT guilty before God, even when they sin)
  88. Pope Issues an Apostolic Exhortation Which Includes Denouncing the Idolatry of Money
  89. Does Obamacare mandate pregnancy termination?
  90. WHY do you believe?
  91. What to look for in a translation.
  92. paul crouch dies at 79.
  93. Belief vs. Knowledge
  94. How can I prove to you that my wife loves me?
  95. Why did Jesus sacrifice his life?
  96. Purgatory
  97. Defiance
  98. Burden of proof
  99. Welfare system of the Mormon Church
  100. Must we forgive ourselves before asking God for forgiveness?
  101. Memories of Abe
  102. Catholics and Salvation question
  103. Evolution vs God - The Movie
  104. The deer in the headlights
  105. Mormonism
  106. I heard this joke a long time ago....
  107. What's the Difference?
  108. If you could go back in time to a religious event...
  109. The Church Militant or the Church Belligerent?
  110. Monogamy in Religion
  111. Non-Catholics: In hindsight...
  112. Binding and loosing; who does it, when is it done, and how is it done?
  113. What Would Be Wrong With This?
  114. Ever hear of the latest fad? Biblical money code?
  115. Here is what GLAAD and A&E need to do
  116. Pope Francis Condemns Racism And Declares That “All Religions Are True”
  117. Which sin is worse: Homosex or adultry?
  118. Share Your Favorite Christmas Song
  119. Merry Christmas Everybody
  120. "You're a Sinner." ... I disagree.
  121. The Eucharistic Discourse in John's Gospel
  122. Faith Alone
  123. "no better than the Builders of Babel"
  124. "The Adversary"
  125. Doubter's Corner
  126. Happy New Year
  127. January's RF gab and chat thread.
  128. Light in a dark world
  129. Succession or Perpetuity?
  130. Does God change His mind?
  131. Rightous Anger
  132. Is God Intelligent?
  133. "The wolf will live with the lamb"...... When?
  134. In Persona Christi Capitis
  135. Do Christians agree on Jesus' Purpose?
  136. A Christian with a head injury...
  137. The Seven Sacraments – Number 7 – The Anointing of the Sick
  138. Rabbi Kaduri and the Death of Sharon
  139. Snakes: Symbols of good or evil in the bible?
  140. Brothers and Sisters of the Lord
  141. I want to talk to you people more but...
  142. Cowgirl Up!
  143. The importance of WORKS for many Protestants
  144. The Test Jesus' Disciples failed.
  145. Is Christ divided?
  146. John 13
  147. Sacrament of Confession
  148. If Creation Science, then....
  149. Bible Questions Redux
  150. Noah and alcoholism
  151. GOP Candidate Susanne Atanus: Autism is a punishment from God
  152. Another Eschatology Thread
  153. What are the shackles of religion?
  154. Faith Alone doctrine explained...
  155. Producing bibles before printing presses
  156. Live Stream DEBATE Feb 4 - Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis) and Bill Nye The science guy
  157. "Rightly Handling the Word of Truth"
  158. Andrew and Philip
  159. The Pope and the President
  160. People mistake Jesus' meaning when he said "I am the way"
  161. Children of Abraham
  162. Bible Trivia: Post It here!
  163. RF's February chatterbox
  164. Francis of Assisi - Recommended Reading
  165. What are our obligations to God?
  166. Scientific Insights inside the Bible? Or are we just staring at the text too long?
  167. Isaiah 55:6-7.....obligation or privilege?
  168. Do You Believe We Thank God Enough For Our Healings & Miracles?
  169. Interpreting Scripture Correctly
  170. If you weren't afraid of Hell...
  171. The "Lurker" thread:) Come say hi!
  172. What is your story?
  173. Anyone watch the Nye/Ham debate?
  174. Total Inability and the Bible
  175. Showing the Kindness of God for the sake of others.
  176. The Burden of Faith
  177. What is Purpose of Praying for One's Enemy?
  178. Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
  179. Paul and the NT
  180. faith or faithfulness
  181. How do we know who wrote them? (Scientifically, not Spiritually)
  182. "I break this curse!"
  183. Is there a climate of intolerance and intimidation?
  184. How Many Church Folk Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?
  185. Which Biblical lesson has had the greatest impact on your life?
  186. Jews and Christians
  187. Pentecostal Preacher Jamie Coots Died Saturday of Snakebite
  188. Jesus in the work place
  189. Wish my wife and I luck please.
  190. Why do men hate church?
  191. Son of Man
  192. Did Anyone See The Story On The News About The Man who Died For 45 Minutes & Came Bac
  193. Miracles: Who Gets, and Who Bestows?
  194. Your thoughts on a Noah / NT comparison
  195. What if there had been no Fall?
  196. March Madness thread!!!!
  197. Movies with a religious theme: Rate them
  198. So what are you giving up for Lent?
  199. Mentoring from a Spiritual position.
  200. When/How did you become religious/non-religious?
  201. Atonement and sacrifice
  202. Copernicus, Galileo and the Church
  203. Air Force Academy and a Bible Passage
  204. Unbelievers are already saved....?
  205. AMA: The Baha’i Faith
  206. Nothin'
  207. Prayer Request. For Fred Phelps
  208. Is There Really A Hell?
  209. What is Excommunication in the Baptist Church?
  210. OT Foreshadowing - who believes in it?
  211. New York, New York, things to love
  212. Elegant proof that God exists
  213. Man likes to limit God
  214. If You Could Ask Your Deity A Question...Which (S)he Would Answer Unambiguously
  215. Why no animals in heaven?
  216. "to reconcile all things to Himself"......with the exception, of?
  217. Who is the founder...
  218. Does God send natural disasters?
  219. Why is Catholicism disliked?
  220. Why Do/Don't You Deserve God's Mercy?
  221. Religions and Marriage
  222. The Story of Esau and Jacob
  223. This is the nation
  224. Sacred astronomy - any validity?
  225. Is the Rapture Real?
  226. Ae there books missing from the OT?
  227. Biblical Contradictions
  228. APRIL Gathering thread.
  229. Noah?
  230. Animals of the Bible
  231. I am glad I am...
  232. Archbishop apologizes for mansion
  233. When Jesus comes....
  234. God is Not Dead Movie - spoiler alert
  235. Syracuse will allow Muslim group to cut crosses off an Catholic church building.
  236. Comparing Scripture with Scripture: 2Sam24 - the numbering of Israel
  237. Religions prior to Christianity
  238. time to check this forum out
  239. The Evolution of Christianity
  240. The Trial of Jesus
  241. Does God Bring Pain or is it Satan
  242. 40 Most Influential Christians
  243. Why the Book of Revelation?
  244. Tone and Biblical reading
  245. Jesus' wife and daughter....
  246. Isaiah 66:1-2 vs. the "Prosperity Gospel"
  247. Why is Palm Sunday mass so long?
  248. Because of Him
  249. Blood Moons
  250. If you could start your own religion...or sect of an established religion...